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Sounding from Silence™ is an Infinite Source Project



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Relax and let go under a river of sound

Group Healing SoundBath

Place your attention into deep meditation, supported by sound

SoundMeditation Concerts

This is an invitation to drop more deeply into stillness and heartfelt presence. Come and be part of a group in meditation in some lovely place, indoors or outside. As I sense the special stillness of the group, I will play spacious, supportive, simple music when it is right: at other moments, silence reigns.

be bathed in sounds created just for you


Healing SoundMassaage

Sit or lie comfortably, with a cosy blanket around you. Experience a personal sound journey as I intuitively tune into which instruments and what kinds of sounds need to be played, fluidly and gently. You can also choose to have a recording made so that you can evoke the relaxing, healing feelings again.

Make yourself comfortable and let me take you on a flowing sound journey. The fluidity of the sound has healing qualities – caressing, moving, holding places that may be painful, releasing. It is gentle, compassionate and relaxing.

Experience yourself reflected in a portrait made of sound

Original SoundPortrait

When I place my attention on a person or a place, I have a different sense that comes into me. And when I play, this sense comes through in the music. Let me play your ‘soul signature’, reflecting your essence. You may even hear, feel or notice some beautiful aspect of yourself hidden until now. Listen to your own SoundPortrait whenever you need nourishing or reminding of your potential – or just when you want that “oooh!”.