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About Sounding from Silence™

As an intuitive, healing musician, I tune in to a space and all the beings in it. I connect with this essence through my spontaneous, spacious music. It arises from the core of me as a heartfelt resource for you to draw upon when you, too, seek an opening of the heart.

intuitive music to open the heart
deepen your presence and being

Whether you are an individual or a group, Sounding from Silence™ provides a profound way to come more deeply into your own presence and being.

meditate and relax with sound

I create unique occasions for groups who would like to meditate with sound, or to enjoy a relaxing, healing SoundBath. Or you may prefer an individually tailored SoundMassage. You can even request an original SoundPortrait, created in direct response to my deeply intuitive sense of who you are.

* Group Healing SoundBath
* Healing SoundMassage
* Original SoundPortrait